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Satisfaction Guarantee 

When you make a purchase from Great White Reefs you can buy with 100% confidence. Each customers purchase comes with a commitment from the GWR team for the health of your animals and satisfaction of your order. 


It's no secret our oceans have been suffering for various reasons over the years. Our goal is to provide a sustainable source of aquacultured corals for the reefing community in Canada. Aquaculture corals have several benefits for the oceans and hobbyists alike. Hobbyists will enjoy a more resilient coral adapted to aquarium life while leaving a smaller footprint on our natural reefs. We propagate and grow corals in our systems, as well as trading and buying from hobbyists.

Custom Frag Packs

We will work with you to get you one step closer to the tank of your dreams. Many people get intimidated by hard to keep corals or simple don't know about it's care requirements. Send us a message with what types of corals you're interested in and system info. We'll put together a pack tailored for your system and budget. 

Payment Methods

Electronic Money Transfer (Preferred) 

Cash (In person only)


Why Choose Us?

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